1 gallon jar of whole Dell Dixie Dill Pickles
1/2 jar Trappys Peppers, drained
1 small bag of Imperial Sugar
1 head garlic, separated (about 12 cloves, whole)

Pull all pickles out of jar.  Stir sugar into the pickle juice until dissolved.  Add 1/2 jar peppers and garlic pods.  Slice pickles into 1/2 inch slices and add to jar (discarding ends).

Once each day for 10 days, flip the jar.

Day 1 – jar upright
Day 2 – flip jar upsidedown
Day 3 – flip jar upright
Day 4 – upsidedown
Day 5 – upright
Day 6 – upsidedown
Day 7 – upright
Day 8 – upsidedown
Day 9 – upright
Day 10 – upsidedown

Day 11 – Pickles are ready!!  Transfer to smaller jars for easier access.  ENJOY!!

* Moose Pickles are named for my Uncle Guy’s best friend, who first created the recipe.  This is my take on Moose Pickles (which deviates a bit from the original recipe)