Day 1.  Feet
McMurtry at Gypsy Lounge in Austin, TX

Day 2. Sky
Port Aransas Sunset (Taken from The Broken Pier That Got Fixed, June 2011)

Day 3. Morning
“Morning is when the wick is lit. A flame ignited, the day delighted with heat and light, we start the fight for something more than before.” ~Jeb Dickerson

Day 4. Doorways
The first is the outside of a teeny, historic San Antonio Chapel I happened upon while meandering around the Riverwalk. The second is a miracle. While attempting to take a picture of the stain glass window, the glass of the doorway reflected the trees behind me. In this picture, you can see what’s ahead, and what’s behind… and the doorway inbetween.

Day 5. Vehicles

Day 6. Symmetry
brand new blank book

Day 7. Black and White
Bryant Station Camelback Bridge, Milam County

Day 8. I Ate This
(I also made this): Rosemary Cornish Game Hen, Wilted Spinach with Lemon and Garlic, and Sauteed Fingerling Potatoes.

Day 9. Landscape
Central Texas Crops.  Taken outside Rogers, Texas, over Easter weekend.

Day 10. Resolution

Day 11. Words  Sticks and Stones

Day 12. Shoot from the Hip
The other day, I was on my way to have lunch with my friend at Elizabeth Street Cafe, when I walked by a beautiful sprig of super-tall wildflowers next to an ugly construction site. I had no idea if I would capture anything at all (as I was “shooting from the hip”), but I think this turned out pretty good! 🙂

Day 13. Ripple
backyard fountain

Day 14. Inside your closet
Business & Pleasure…  On the left, take a glimpse into my office closet, filled with years and years of radio mailing lists, McMerch, my favorite one-sheets, rough mixes and scratch demos, and books documenting every instudio my artists have ever had…. On the right (much more fun, in my opinion), check out my clothes closet, filled with all of my colorful tops…

Day 15. Feather
Found on the (practically) undisturbed beach of Saint Joe’s Island (right outside Port A).

Day 16. Backlit
Night Golf

Day 17. Path
garden path

Day 18. Scar
Folk Alliance Conference 2011  While cutting through a courtyard in Memphis, I wrenched my left ankle and slammed down on my right knee. Later that night, a fire alarm insisted that I climb down 16 (SIXTEEN) flights of stairs. Ouch!

Day 19. Together

Day 20. Vertical Lines
Make hay while the sun shines

Day 21. Looking Down
bendy straws

Day 22. Spice
(Top to bottom: Whole Cloves, Ground Cumino, Chili Powder, Hot Madras Curry Powder, Dried Thyme)

Day 23. Half
Half of a whole. Will the circle be unbroken, etc

Day 24. Fork
“American Fork Art”  (this is an intentional replica of “fork art” that occurred accidentally during our last party (after a candle was placed too close to the plasticware).   After shaping, I painted this with fingernail polish (China Glaze “For Audrey,” OPI “Big Apple Red,” NYC “Timeless Tangerine,” and Chanel “Graphite”). I then photographed my “Fork Art” on a napkin accidentally stolen from Enoteca (i’ll bring it back soon, guys!)

Day 25. Red
my roses are

Day 26. Table
Tablescape from the dinner I hosted for the WINE and Book Club (after we read “Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky”)

Day 27. Nightlife
Backyard Oasis

Day 28. Light

Day 29. Memories
(going clockwise):
Teacup and pearls: When I was in college, I acquired a super-cool tea set (don’t laugh), and would have tea parties requiring all the guests to wear pearls (stop laughing). I EVEN had throwdown faux pearls in a basket by the door for those who *accidentally* forgot (seriously, you people rolling on the floor…you are SOOO not invited to my next tea party). 😉

Broken Shoe: Graduating from Belmont University, the students were instructed to meander in an organized and Christian manner through Adalicia’s Rose Garden to the center courtyard in order to receive our diplomas. On the second measure of “Pomp and Circumstance,” the heel of this brand new shoe fell off (it FELL OFF …it FELL. the *&%^. OFF!!) Yeah… So, I didn’t just walk, I glided on tippy-toes, throughout the entire ceremony.  Ginger Rogers has nothing on me.

The heel of the broken shoe: Which I held in my hand for the whole of graduation.

Wine Cork: This is from my first bottle of Dom Perignon. Which was delicious. Clay and I drank it to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, and shared it with my mom and stepdad. (i also gave some to Mom’s perfectly well-mannered mini aussie, Shiner,….who became quite belligerent after…and was never quite the same again).

AMA Award Show Ticket: This is the ticket from the Americana Music Honors and Awards show of 2006. The year that James McMurtry won Song of the Year (for “We Can’t Make it Here”) and Album of the Year (For Childish Things). He was also nominated for Artist of the Year, but someone else won that (I forget now who). Afterwards, he led a group of us, Peter-Piper style, down the street to the Renaissance Bar.  I met his mother.

Soap Duck: Snatched from my one and only stay at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN (THE BEST HOTEL IN THE LAND!!!! ) Seriously, I’ve never felt so fancy.

Sunglasses: One of my best friends, Emily (who came to my tea parties in her pearls), came down to stay with us in Austin when we first moved to town. One day, we ran down to San Marcos, and among our vast adventures, we bought matching sunglasses. I wonder if she still has hers?

Picture: This is the first-ever picture of me and Clay (circa 1999). It was taken in his first San Marcos apartment on the heaviest-loveseat-on-earth (that we still have), which he bought from his boss for just $50.

Note: This is the note that accompanied the first mix-tape I ever got from a boy. It says, “I, Reid McCoy, being usually of sound mind and body, do hearby intrust this cassette, which contains no country songs, to Miss Jennifer Leigh Finlay, on this date, 1/24/95.”  *grin*

Rattle: My father is from West Texas. I don’t know about everyone else, but West Texas boys cut the rattles off rattlesnakes after they kill them (and they keep them sort of like a trophy). You can tell how big the snake was by the number of “rattles” it has. He shot this one on our front porch step with a pistol. It had 11 rattles and a button. Whoa.

Rock: This is a piece of Enchanted Rock – my all-time favorite camping site. My family would have camping trips there regularly. I’m very nostalgic about that. FYI – Enchanted Rock was thought by the Indians in the region, to be magical. And I completely agree. We’d stay at site #22 (in case you ever want to have a “tour of vacation spots” LOL!!)

Rings: My class rings from San Marcos High School (“Go Rattlers!”) and Belmont University (*Go Bruins!*). OH, also, a guitar string ring (to give me street cred) that my brother made for me.

Napkin: We still have about a billion or so of these commemorative napkins from our wedding on March 6, 2004. Maybe we’ll bring them out at our next game night.

Day 30 The Photographer at Work