1. On The Street Where You Live

On the street where I live, there are veterans, garage bands, first-time motocycle owners, and competitive Christmas decorators. There are children – quite frightened of me (the mean lady down the block who chases them off her driveway), and an old couple that walks hand-in-hand at sunset. One time, there was a suicide, …but most of the time, it’s pretty quiet.

We keep to ourselves on the street where I live.
I love it here.



2. Out of Focus

Rob through wine glass…



3. What I’m Doing Now

…thinking about running away



4. Circle

(Circles actually) The inside of Clay’s wedding ring…”I Love You” in infinite repeat signs.



5. Something Green

Salty Port Aransas lizard shot outside Shell’s Bistro (where he was probably waiting for a table and dreaming of Conchigli Gorgonzola)



6. Fruit

Lemon tree at The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel, Los Angeles, CA.



7. Distance

Knob Hill Road, Bell County

This is the road to Clay’s childhood home. It rains much more on this side than it ever rains on the other.

There’s also a legend of gold hidden amongst the knobs by a pirate passing through…



8. Illusion

(I’m not really that tall…)



9. Insect

“Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home…”



10. Daybreak

Nashville. Americana 2012.



11. Peaceful

4th of July. Backyard lazing.



12. Youth

My niece, Annie, looking up at her daddy (my youthful , Peter Pan-like little brother….), Cheatham Street Warehouse, Feb. 2013



13. Market

You say tomato, and I say tomato…



14. Mess

To-Do List



15. Out the Window

Flying home from Washington D.C.



16. Gratitude

This is my friend, Brian T. He and I have teamed up to present Catfish Concerts – a house concert series that gives us an opportunity to celebrate and give back to the music community that has given us each so much. We’re both grateful to do what we get to do and live where music completely surrounds us. I’m very grateful to have people like Brian in my life (who not only is a great friend, but an incredible writer with a killer work ethic – working together is truly like a dream!)

I woke up this morning feeling pretty down about the world around me, not really wanting to do much of anything – wishing I could shut off for a while. I saw the photo challenge topic, and thought maybe I should skip today.

But then I thought about all the things for which I’m grateful…and how that list grows longer all the time.

So this morning, I’m counting my blessings…



17. Flock

of Seagulls




18. Hat

He bought this in Nashville on the day of the 2006 Americana Music Awards – the day he won Song of the Year (for “We Can’t Make it Here”) and Album of the Year (for Childish Things)…He later wore it on his first-ever Austin City Limits performance. It’s beat up, dusty and worn – and never did quite fit. But it’s chock-full of memories. He gave it to me the day he interviewed Guy Clark at my kitchen table for Lone Star Music Magazine (watch for the Q&A in the May/June edition). It’s one of my greatest treasures.


19. Words of Wisdom




20. Sunset

…to ride off into



21. A Good Place to Nap

backyard lazing




22. Borrowed

This is Suzie. I get to borrow her when her master is out of town. She’s an amazing office assistant, enjoys long walks and bubble baths. She spends her time here searching for buried treasure (from her past stays) and sorting through my record collection (she’s quite the music aficionado). She’s a sweet girl.



23. Soft



24. Game

This game gets harder as the night goes on..



25. Love Letters

old flames



26. strange

International Folk Alliance Conference 2013, Toronto



27. Coin



28. Behind You




29. Sparkle

Uncommon Objects in South Austin



30. A Faceless Portrait

…and so ends another 30 Day Photo Challenge. Thanks for all the likes and comments.