Day 1. Self Portrait

Day 2. Flight
(I took this with my phone the last time we were in Port Aransas.  Clay holds the string to my kite.)

Day 3. Fire
(This one made me think of “old flames”…so I photographed the ends of candles burning around old love letters, faded pictures, guitar string rings, etc.)

Day 4.  Water
 (Every little bit counts)

Day 5. Spring
(First bluebonnets of the season, taken in Fredericksburg. “Spring has returned.  The Earth is like a child that knows poems.” ~ Rainer Maria Rilke)

Day 6. Shadows
(This is a really old pic I shot in high school)

Day 7. Macro
(Close up of Clay’s bottle of Peroni)

Day 8. Where I Live
(The Office)

Day 9. Texture
(I took this one in the backyard.  Looks like we have some yard work ahead of us)

Day 10. Technology 

Day 11. Kitchen Utensil
(That beat-up wooden spoon up front is my all-time favorite.  I bought it new when I moved into my very first apartment (where I used it to cook a spinach and garlic fettuccine), and it has been with me ever since.  Its top edge is worn down, from years of working the good bits off the bottom of the pan.  It’s been abandoned and burned, accidentally mistreated by harsh dishwashers, and, for a time, even cast aside in favor of new-fangled silicone roux pushers, and trendy spoonulas…and yet, through it all, I always come back to it to deliver the most beautiful and tasty meals.)

Day 12. Motion
(Will Sexton at my showcase room at the International Folk Alliance Conference)

Day 13. Food
(Shrimp with capers, lemon, and feta; Tender rosemary fingerling potatoes; artichoke; and caprese wrap (I have HUGE spinach-size basil leaves right now).

Day 14. Architecture
(Welcome to Noodle, TX.  Back when I was in high school, movie men came to my little hometown of Martindale (pop. 953), and did their best to spruce up Main Street for a picture they were going to make called, “A Perfect World.”  They even built additional silos and buildings (in JUST ONE AMAZING DAY). Oh, and they renamed the town…(wait for it…) “NOODLE.” Yeah. Most of their efforts were temporary – the set buildings have since melted away from age and weather, and paint has peeled and faded off the buildings still standing. But I drove down and took this picture this morning – there’s a little piece of Noodle that still remains.)

Day 15. Vintage
(This is an antique hoe that we inherited from Clay’s grandmother – until she was in her 90s, she used it to kill snakes around her Central Texas farmhouse. One time, she even attempted to kill what she could only imagine was an alligator. Hit him in the head, but the hoe just bounced back. She had to call her sons (my father-in-law and his brothers) to try and trap the gator. It turned out to be an iguana – probably someone’s pet at one time, let loose into the wild to grow to the size of a small komodo dragon.)

Day 16. Toys
(I’ve had this guy forever – he even went to college with me.  He’s completely filled with whatever they use to make old fashioned beanbags (not the styrofoam kind, but the heavy duty kind), so if ever he feels a little pudgy and empty-headed, all you have to do is turn him upside down and shake all the beans to his brain. …I always envied him a little.)

Day 17. Emotions
(This is the only pic I did not take, but it shows quite a bit of emotion.  The befuddled photographer at my step-sister’s wedding had too much family to try to align… She snapped a couple of table shots and then said, “Now just the couple” – gesturing toward Clay and my sister.  I think my face says it all.)

Day 18. Reflections
(This was an accidental pic taken a few hours before the first Jenni Finlay Promotions’ showcase at this year’s Folk Alliance Conference (reflected off the window of Marriott Room 1713). Right before I got ready for the show, I was checking email, checking schedules, and checking off lists, looking back and making sure I’d done everything I needed to do.
…It was the calm before the storm.)

Day 19. Insects
(A couple of days ago, I took this picture of a stinkbug on one of my flowering cactus plants…I’m pretty sure he wanted to fight me. He even put his little dukes up.)

Day 20. Books
(Books (from top to bottom):
Peter Pan (by J. M. Barrie)
Collected Sonnets (by Edna St. Vincent Millay)
The Diaries of Adam & Eve (by Mark Twain)
Camelot (play by Alan Jay Lerner)
In Cold Blood (by Truman Capote)
The Last Picture Show (by Larry McMurtry)
Cabin Fever (design book by Rachel Carley)
In The Kitchen with a Good Appetite (cookbook by Melissa Clark))

Day 21. Leaves
(Basil in my garden)

Day 22. Fashion
(I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this one, so I did this.  These are all my colorful tops….made into a fashion flower.)

Day 23. Color

Day 24. Hands
(Clay’s hands on marimba)

Day 25. Rocks, Stones, Pebbles
(Texas granite and limestone on a bed of river rocks)

Day 26. Looking Up
(Looking up through Catalpa leaves)

Day 27. Abandon
(…she danced with abandon)

Day 28. Furry Friends
(St. Augustine (Augie) – Smartest dog in history.  Augie understood English. Years ago, when Clay and I were first dating, i lost my house key to my dad’s house…somewhere between his house and the driveway. Clay and I walked back and forth scouring the sidewalk and yard for the little key. Clay (the smart-aleck), asked Augie (who had been watching us go to and from like a spectator at a tennis match), “Augie, WHERE is Jenni’s key?”…and Augie hoisted himself up (he was very old then) and slowly walked over to the sidewalk, sat and looked down….My key was sitting between his paws.

Day 29. Accidental Letters
(…it’s a “J”)

Day 30. Group Shot
(Garden Party.  Sugar Land, TX)