It’s time for cutting back.  Time to trim the roses and the rosemary.  Time to shape the hedges and the trees. During their winter rest, the herb and shrubs will be tended to in hopes that they’ll awake fresh, raring to grow.

This Spring, we’ll celebrate that new growth, digging our toes in the warm dirt, reaching our hands towards the sun.

Like our garden, we produce our best work, fresh and rested.  Springtime will bring a new day, a fresh start, a clean slate.

Summer will find us hungrily feasting on the fruits of our labors, the warm veggies and herbs straight from the earth.   The heat of the day demands careful, mindful tending.  The cooler evenings find us lazily meandering along garden walls, running our fingers though thyme and lavender.  The work is hard, but the rewards are tangible.

Autumn is a time for bundling and bulking up for the cold months ahead.   Time for harvest and slowing down for the long winter’s nap. It’s for stocking the mental and physical cupboard in anticipation of hibernation.  We tend to overdo it sometimes – stuffing our cheeks in November and December to ward against the long fruitless winters.

But now is a time for cutting back.  In the quiet of the winter season, as the clouds hang low, and the land around us lay flat and gray,  we take stock of where we are…and where we need to be.  We lay low, trimming down our excesses, tending to and nurturing our core.

And we dream of the day the sun comes out again and unfolds newly found leaves within ourselves.