Having fun with spices:
El Cumino – Cumin
The Lights of Cayenne – Cayenne
Vampire’s Repellant – Garlic Powder
Chili Today, Hot Tamale – Chili Powder
Mr. Allen – Sage (for our friend, Sage Allen)
Take It All With A Grain – Salt
Clooney – Rosemary
Sin Of Man – Cinnamon
Papy’s Eureka – Paprika
Crimson and Cloves…err – Cloves
Backwards and in High Heels – Ginger
Pepper Blanca – White Pepper
…Is On My Side (Yes It Is) – Thyme
Smoochers Be Gone – Onion Powder
“Shut Up Nutmeg” – Nutmeg
Orrrr an Egg I Know – Oregano