1. You have 4 sections in this book. DONOT read ahead.

The 1st section should be read BEFORE starters

The 2nd section should be read AFTER starters and BEFORE main course

The 3rd section  should be read AFTER main course and BEFORE dessert

The 4th section should be read AFTER desserts

2. You should reveal EVERYTHING you read in this book, otherwise you are concealing evidence

3. At the end you should make a guess at who killed Lord Strutbury.

4. Never lie, you are not the murderer.

5. Try to keep your booklet away from prying eyes.














Character Breakdown


You worked as the butler and cook at Aldbury Manor for 10 years. You live in the village and are often responsible for all the gossip that gets around about The Strutbury’s.

You’ve never had your own family and perhaps your loneliness has a lot to do with your gossip. You totally over-react and make situations so much worse than they are.  When re-telling a story, you use outlandish “voices” when quoting people. You’re quite jealous If Rev. Ingelmells because he know so much and doesn’t share.

You’ve never got along with Lord Strutbury (the deceased) who actually was at the point of firing you the day he died.


You act: Too interest in other people’s conversations that don’t concern you. Keen to let people know of gossip.

You talk: Quite fast, lots of gasps and whispers.










Turn the page









You’re worried about your cohort Charlie and wonder where he has been the last three nights, you haven’t seen any lights go on in his shed. What has he been up to??


Ask the others have they heard that the couple that live at no. 81 have split up. Apparently he hasn’t been seen around the village for weeks. Has anyone else heard anything?


Seb Raider, you haven’t seen him since he was a young man just about to go to Uni. Hasn’t he grown? Ask him what he is up to now? And why he hasn’t started a family yet?


You keep seeing Victoria Strutbury in the papers and in OK magazine, you always make sure Lady Strutbury gets to see it. You especially liked the photo of her lying on the pavement, throwing up in the gutter.








Do not turn the page





You like to know what is going on. So if Lady Strutbury mentions Victoria’s brushes with the media, pry into this more. Tell Victoria you read OK and Hello Magazine.


Ask Seb is it true he is a millionaire. You’re very impressed.


You met a lady last week who said that Mortimer Ingemells was once a Reverend in her Parish in the Lake District. Her name was Joan Saunders, ask her if he remembers her.

















Do not turn the page




Main Course


Victoria and Lord Strutbury never got on, she was always going to him begging for money and he was disgusted with her lifestyle and drugs habit, yes drugs. Tell the group


Didn’t you hear Seb outside boasting on his portable phone that he was now an Earl because of his grandfathers death.  This isn’t acceptable behaviour.


Ask Rev.Ingemells if he’s sure he doesn’t remember Joan Saunders, she told Mrs Baker, who told the butler who told you that you were kicked out of the last parish for breaking up her marriage.














Do not turn the page


You’ll never believe what Charlie announces in this round, you’ll be gasping and saying “oh my god” as he does so. You can’t believe it!!! Why didn’t you guess it. Ask Lady Strutbury, if its true.


Ask to borrow Seb’s mobile and call another gossip in the village and tell them of Charlie’s secret.


You’re not at all surprised by Hilary’s news.  When she announces it, you yawn.


You’re disgusted by Rev. Ingemells behaviour and tell him you’re going straight to the Bishop and let him know of the way he has conducted himself this evening.








It wasn’t you.