1. You have 4 sections in this book. DONOT read ahead.

The 1st section should be read BEFORE starters

The 2nd section should be read AFTER starters and BEFORE main course

The 3rd section  should be read AFTER main course and BEFORE dessert

The 4th section should be read AFTER desserts

2. You should reveal EVERYTHING you read in this book, otherwise you are concealing evidence

3. At the end you should make a guess at who killed Lord Strutbury.

4. Never lie, you are not the murderer.

5. Try to keep your booklet away from prying eyes.














Character breakdown


You work in the city as a stockbroker. You made your first million by 25. You lead a fun packed life of beautiful women, champagne, designer suits, drugs and expensive cars. But this came at a price, you’ve had to “fight your way to top of the food chain” as you like to tell people.

You’re very shallow and don’t like being in the company of simple villagers, like this evening. You sum people up by the clothes they wear and the type/model smartphone they have.

Your iphone is very important to you, you never leave it because you’re on call 24 hours.

You never were close to your murdered Grandfather but you were proud of the fact he was a Lord and thrilled with the fact that his death now makes you an Earl (something you’ve wanted more than anything all your life, and which recently landed you your biggest deal yet!).


You will act: confident, cocky, looking down on people who aren’t rich

You will speak: arrogantly, loudly








Turn the page







Tell your grandmother, referring to her as “Duchess” that you were deeply sad about your Grandfathers death. Just as you finish your phone will go off and you’ll answer it and shout “SELL SELL SELL!”


Tell the cook and the gardener that they should think themselves lucky to be having dinner with high society and not to get used to it. It won’t happen again, it’s just not hygienic.


Acknowledge your cousin, Victoria. Say you two must do drinks at the Met Bar again and catch up. Call her “cous”


The phone will ring at the end of the round and shout down it “No shit, Sherlock. Freeze his assets.!”













Do not turn the page


That damn preacher man – what a geek!!! Its annoying you that he is referring to your grandfather has “having passed away”. If he refers to it in that stupid way again, you’ll tell him you don’t want to speak ill of the dead, but you’re grandfather hardly passed away. He was splattered on the patio.


You’ll use your phone to ring your secretary, referring to her as “toots” ask her to fax you the “FTSY 100”. Explain to her you’re at a boring family function (complete with snores)


Your plain auntie, she’s a sad little thing. But you notice she’s getting a bit typsy every time she does something a bit drunk like, you’ll clap and jeer “Go Auntie Hilary”












Do not turn the page






Main Course


That stinky gardener will light up his pipe next to you and after a while you’ll recognise the smell from your student days. Commend Charlie of smoking pot.


You don’t like anyone touching your Versage suit, especially poor people you’ll get funny about it


Your cousin is obviously desperate for drugs, unfortunately you don’t have any with you. If she gets too bad suggest she uses Charlies pipe to ease the effects.


Your phone will ring, answer it with a “GO!” and after a short while shout “Buy the bloody buggers!”











Do not turn the page


You will be totally disgusted with what smelly Charlie is to announce at the beginning of this round, so much so you’ll threaten to punch his “old” block off


Ask that preacher why he is acting so loose when he is suppose to be a man of the cloth?


You’ve just remembered a hilarious story from your childhood ask “cous” Victoria if she remembers torturing aunt Hilary’s cat when they were little with cigarettes and knitting needles.


Your mobile will ring, and answer it, getting angry tell the person on the other end to float the company NOW!








It wasn’t you.