1. You have 4 sections in this book. DONOT read ahead.

The 1st section should be read BEFORE starters

The 2nd section should be read AFTER starters and BEFORE main course

The 3rd section  should be read AFTER main course and BEFORE dessert

The 4th section should be read AFTER desserts

2. You should reveal EVERYTHING you read in this book, otherwise you are concealing evidence

3. At the end you should make a guess at who killed Lord Strutbury.

4. Never lie, you are not the murderer.

5. Try to keep your booklet away from prying eyes.














Character Breakdown


You’re a Reverend at Aldbury All Saints Church. You’ve known The Strutburys since you’ve moved to the Parish 6 years ago. This is the longest you’ve ever stayed at one church, as you often have to move from one to another to leave personal problems behind.

You come across to others as very holy and pious – a very trustworthy man who is sinless. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You’ve had many scandals involving your past that The Strutburys are unaware of. You believe you are quite the ladies man, and have broken up numerous marriages in the past. You just can’t help yourself.  Women can’t resist you.

But with your mannerisms no man would ever guess, it was YOU their wife was having an affair with. You need the Strutburys on your side. They give a lot of money to the church (25% you take to fund your secret life). You fear that towards the end, Lord Strutbury was catching on.


You will act: A bit of a preacher, you talk looking over the top of your glasses

You will talk: Elegantly and confiding




Turn the page









While constantly pushing your glasses up your nose tell the family you’re deeply sorry about the Lord Strutburys passing away and quote.

“The kingdom of heaven is like unto treasure hid into a field” Matthew 13:44


You notice everyone is drinking wine. Tell them you normally don’t drink, but why not have one. Blood of Christ and all that.


Ask Lady Strutbury how many children she had,


Ask Timothy if he still works as the Manor Cook and did he cook the food tonight?










Do not turn the page




Tell Lady Strutbury many of your congregation have said many kind words about the Lord since the passing of his soul. He was much loved in the village.


When you are offered some more wine, at first you’ll refuse and then say why not. Jesus used to turn water into wine after all. Chuckle to yourself, (you have an embarrassing laugh)


Start humming “Amazing Grace” while swaying and looking at the ceiling.


That nosy cook, Timothy, has uncovered a ghost from the past when he asks you about her, you’ll shrug and change the subject.










Do not turn the page








Main Course


Wine always makes you randy, so chuck off your glasses and start noticeably flirting with all the women around the table, except Lady Strutbury


You don’t like Lady Strutbury and you want the party to know how the two didn’t get on, so sarcastically say how sad it was that she and her husband lived different lives in each wing of the manor and how they never got on. Tell her, they two will be reunited in heaven and give an evil smile


Ask Victoria when she was last at Confession, then give her an obvious wink.











Do not turn the page


That gardener Charlie is going to stand up and announce something, take a look at his bum at this point and shout “Nice bottom” After the confession, ask Lady Strutbury if it is true and don’t stop till you get an answer.


Slip Victoria your number.


Very drunk tell Lady Strutbury that your church will greatly miss Lord Strutbury’s donations. laugh loudly.








It wasn’t you.