1. You have 4 sections in this book. DONOT read ahead.

The 1st section should be read BEFORE starters

The 2nd section should be read AFTER starters and BEFORE main course

The 3rd section  should be read AFTER main course and BEFORE dessert

The 4th section should be read AFTER desserts

2. You should reveal EVERYTHING you read in this book, otherwise you are concealing evidence

3. At the end you should make a guess at who killed Lord Strutbury.

4. Never lie, you are not the murderer.

5. Try to keep your booklet away from prying eyes.














Character Breakdown


You are the lady of the house, very fragile, a bit eccentric, you’re losing touch with the world outside Aldbury Manor.

You don’t suffer fools gladly, and you don’t like people who make a show of themselves.

The Lady that you are, you expect to be treated like royalty. You don’t know much about the modern world, (you’ve only seen a TV once).

You haven’t shed any tears over your husbands death. Very tragic indeed, but he was a blithering old fool.


You will act: Frail, bossy, snobby, wobbly

You will speak: Shaky, Regal












Turn the page









Thank everyone for coming. Order your daughter to stop slouching and enquire to your cook will hor douves be available for the guests.


You thank Mortimer Ingemells for arranging the funeral. It was most enjoyable, you had a great time however, did anyone else think the caviar was slightly bitter?


Tell your grand-daughter Victoria you know she’s been in the ghastly tabloids again, falling over outside some beastly night-club. You’re embarrassed, it was a wretched photograph, she looked positively pie-eyed.


For anyones information, you had three children. Hilary. Edward (Victoria’s father) and Anne (Seb’s mother)









Do not turn the page


Tell the rest of the group, you’re considering going on a short break to get over that man’s death, something like a world cruise maybe.


Ask your grand-daughter, Victoria, when she is going to settle down and start a family instead of dragging the Strutbury name through the tabloid mud. She’s too old to be cavorting about with beastly film stars.


When Seb talks into his mobile phone, you’ll be confused and ask the party why he is talking to himself.


Your daughter Hilary is a mighty bore and not good company for guests. If she goes on a bit, talk over her and explain to the guests how you normally keep her locked away when guests come to the house, but as her fathers died you’d thought you’d make an exception.








Do not turn the page







Main Course


If you hear your cook, Timothy, gossip one more time, you will put him in her place, you don’t tolerate gossips Tell him he should occupy his empty mind with his own issues and not stir other peoples. Accuse him of being a sad little man who Lord Strutbury was tempted to sack.


You discovered last week that that wretched old fool, your husband, left nothing to his children or grand children in his will. Everything went to Aldbury Football Club. But your family is wealthy enough, so they’ll be ok


Order Hilary, that she has had quite enough to drink and to stop at once making a ghastly spectacle of herself. “Stop showing off!!!”











Do not turn the page


You’ll be infuriated with Charlie for telling the table the biggest secret of your life in front of strangers. Command him to shut up and sit down as he blurts out the truth. But if anyone asks you if it is the truth just stare into space, it is true but it was years ago so you will let it go.


You’ve had enough of that gossip cook of yours. Get nasty. Demand he stop his constant stirring and say the only reason he does this is because he’s no life of his own. He’s just a dried up old toad who tries to interfere. Tell the party Lord Strutbury was going to sack him the day of his murder!


Hilary will announce she is something you won’t understand. Ask her if she has a certificate for that.


As Hilary gets drunker, try and talk over her and change the subject.








It wasn’t you.