Today’s the day!   We’re celebrating the wedding Sage and Briannon. The wedding is in just a few hours, and I still don’t know what to wear…

It shouldn’t be that difficult – all that’s required is a dress “suitable for dancing.”  And yet…

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m sentimental.  And I believe a dress worn to a wedding is ultimately charmed, making it a very special part of my wardrobe forever more. Though some dresses I’ve outgrown or out-fashioned, I can’t bring myself to part with any of them – I keep them in the back of my closet – just in case I ever need a little extra luck…


#1 – The dress I wore in my step-sister’s wedding (in New Orleans) is much too much (and now, about a size too large) for me to wear to anything anymore, but it’s a touchstone that brings back a flood of memories.   At the reception, the befuddled photographer had too much family to try to align… She snapped a couple of table shots and then said, “Now just the couple” – gesturing toward Clay and my sister.  I think my face says it all….After the morning nuptials, Clay and I went out to Bourbon Street for my very first hurricane.  Mid-morning naps soon followed.


#2 – “Elegant Dress” was the requirement for one of my closest friend’s wedding several years ago, so I chose this Audrey Hepburn looking thing.  I went with my mother to the beautiful One World Theatre for the most old-Hollywood night of glamour I believe I’ve ever experienced.   Though the marriage ultimately fell apart, the dress continued to bring me luck.  I wore it to James McMurtry’s first Austin City Limits performance (and to Taco Cabana after – the most elegant looking gal in the drive-thru ordering 2 dozen steak al carbon tacos, I’m certain).


#3  I left the dress I wore to my brother’s backyard wedding in a Philadelphia hotel after the Triple A NON-COMMvention, so it’s no longer an option.  But that’s okay.  It was brown and I wore it with a pink hat (that I still have).  The whole of the ceremony, friends and family waited anxiously for my reaction when I discovered that the phone number listed in the program for the happy new couple …was (mistakenly) my own.


#4 – This is what Grammy picked out for me to wear to her recent wedding, held outside on the beautiful bright and sunny golf course over Labor Day weekend (the flower in my hair was my idea).  Though I’ve not quite found another occasion nice enough to wear it, I have it in case I may ever need a floor-length broomstick skirt.

kara wedding 2

#5 – I wore this flowery number to a fun and festive wedding held at the historic Driskel Hotel in downtown Austin.  I have pink sequined shoes that go with.  That day was so much fun – a real party.  My sister was late getting there, because she accidentally went to the other wedding reception held at the Driskel that day.  It wasn’t until they began the toasts that she realized she was celebrating the wrong couple!

So these are my options.  Or maybe not…I may break out something new to bring it extra-special wedding day luck.  I can use all that I can get.

…You know, every so often, I see my own wedding dress – packed in it’s jumbo tupperware.  As I slide it from one side of the attic floor to the other, it makes me wonder if the ladies who attended our wedding a little over 9 years ago still have the dresses and outfits they wore tucked somewhere in the back of their closets…just for luck.  Just in case…