jenni's phone

If you haven’t sent a text message in the past 10 months, I no longer have your phone number.

On Monday morning, my email account was hacked.  I discovered this after receiving an email from myself I didn’t recall writing.

“HELLO!!,” I write to me…the rest of the message simply contained a link to somewhere intriguing.

(This is when I know I’d been duped.  I’m much too wordy to let an email go without at least a “Hope you’re having a great day!'” or “Thanks so much!”….)

So I began taking the necessary precautions to take back my e-identity. I changed my password (to the other one), and warned those that might be fooled by my impostor.

Trying to do my due diligence, I decided I needed to delete my address book from my computer (just my computer).  And so I did.

Let me say that before the days of the “i” (iPhone, iPad, etc), I never used the address book feature on my computer.  (Come to think of it, in those days, I also wasn’t ever hacked)…But now, every time I plug anything in, I “sync up.”  It’s quite zen in a way.  And yet…

At approximately 9:47 am on Monday morning (a really big radio day), every contact I ever lovingly placed into my phone vanished.




That almighty iCLOUD did me in.

I received a text from my sister…but my phone (my VERY smart phone) forgot her name.  My phone, computer, iPad, and life were suddenly stricken with Alzheimer’s – with only vague and confused hints of recognition.

I was in shock – I mean, who remembers phone numbers anymore?  I personally can only rattle off 4 or 5 *kind of* (mostly numbers of artists who regularly do phone interviews).

In an attempt to avoid becoming devastatingly lost in a spiral of despair, I quickly put myself to work, sorting through text messages – putting names to numbers from scenes and memories of the last few months.  It was really a surreal “This Is Your Life” experience.  The last time I got a text from my friend J.J. was back in September when he had to cancel a gig (surely I’ve talked to him since then…).  I was part of an amazing music text group that has sadly faded away (though it wasn’t until Monday that I even realized I hadn’t heard from any of them in a while).

Some texts were easy to recognize: “That DJ had that ‘I have a torso in the trunk so don’t open it’ kind of voice” …was clearly Danny Barnes.

Some numbers are still a mystery.  Christmas brought many happy wishes from numbers I still can’t place.

Though I know the number, the very first phone number of my life (the one that still belongs to my father’s landline) is no longer listed in my phone.

Through text messages, I managed to recover 87 of 153 phone numbers I originally had stored in my “cloudy” iPhone.  As for the rest…well…

There’s a reason for everything, I know.

Maybe the iPhone gods decided it was high time for me to do a little house cleaning.  Maybe I’ve been hanging onto people better left alone.  Maybe I need to make room for better things to come.

Wishful thinking, I know.  And yet…