Goodbye lazy days of summer!!  Goodbye coconut oil scented paperbacks and sandy sunglasses, play clothes and long afternoons,  It’s BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!!!

Though we don’t have children, since Clay’s a teacher, we still celebrate “back to school” with all the enthusiasm that we had when we were young (with a similar dragging of the feet).

Actually, I love back to school time.  It means Fall is just around the corner (though, saying that today in the 100+ degree heat is nothing more than wishful thinking.)  This time of year reminds us of all of the hope and nervous anticipation we have when we begin a new chapter in our lives.  Who will we be this year?  What will we wear the first day?  What friends will we make and what will we learn?

One of my early memories is walking into my first day of Mrs. Hamm’s kindergarten class.  As I let go of my mother’s hand, I stood quietly in my brand new navy blue sailor dress and knee socks, surveying the room (which smelled like fresh paint and bananas) with butterflies in my stomach and a fierce determination to succeed.
…Each new school year brings all of that back each and every time.

Here are 10 back to school memories that I cherish:

1.  Picking out a brand new lunchbox.  My first was a red “Get-A-Long Gang” lunchbox.  The next year, I got a “Shirt Tales” (with matching thermos).

2.  Shopping for Back-To-School clothes.  It was always fun to stock up on a new look.  

3.  Trying out new backpacks for the perfect fit.  I was never able to work my locker combination, so I tended to haul all my books with me all the time, so finding a strong double-ply backpack was very important.

4.  Catching up with the friends I didn’t get to see over summer break.

5.  After-school snacks!

6.  A set daily routine – for me, knowing what the day will bring was always kind of comforting.

7.  Meeting the new teacher, sitting at an old, worn and rickety desk (and wondering about all the past students who came before)

8.  School supplies – i love that Nora Ephron line from You’ve Got Mail, “I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”  …A brand new Trapper-Keeper, spiral notebook and pencils (with never-used erasers) mark a clean slate for the year.

9.  Laying out an outfit ensemble the night before the first day of school.  

10.  Knowing that the year was filled with opportunity, new experiences, and unexpected surprises.  

I hope you have a great “first day”  – whatever adventure you are embarking on this year!  Be sure to lay out your outfit the night before.

What are some of your fondest back to school memories?