My favorite wine cup
This is a handmade wine cup with a place just for my thumb.  I got this from a lady out in Arizona I can’t find anymore.  So it’s very special – a true one of a kind!  It makes every cup of wine that much better!

My favorite hat
I wore this hat on my first fancy date, my first trip home from college, and on other very special, lucky days.  The velvet is worn and rubbed off in places, the roses are crumpled, and there’s a wire that pokes out every once in awhile, but I still love it.

Laura Ashley #1
At one point in my life, this was the only perfume I wore.  It’s been discontinued for longer than i can remember, but my husband, Clay, was able to find it when we first started dating and sent it to me as a surprise gift.  It was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me.

The Season Blocks
These were custom-made by our friends, Judy and Phil (who should have their own dedicated blog of my favorite things – they make the most beautiful furniture and decor at Beaten Path Rustics (….  I turn these blocks with the change of the season. And, magically enough, each season has the same number of letters, so it works.  Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring (yes! even Spring!!)

Me and Emily
Emily was my partner in crime in college – my roommate (before Clay).  This picture is in a room upstairs I rarely need to visit, but every time I see it, I have to smile.

I’ve Gotta Friend
When I was a poor college student, I was in the unfortunate habit of selling my cds for spaghetti sauce.  This James Taylor is one of the few that survived.  A bit unhinged, beat-up and scratched, I now listen to this when I’m sad, when I’m happy, and when I clean the house.

This is one of my true treasures, found in the middle of a dusty stack of records at the Rice University Half Price Books in Houston, Texas.  Obviously, they didn’t know what they had – I “stole” this for a measly $2.98!!  I guess I should’ve made a stink about them selling a radio promo at all…but I was trying my hardest to play it cool and not jump up and down with delight at the register.

Port Aransas
If asked “If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?” my automatic answer would be Port Aransas.  Not because I don’t want to see Paris in the spring, or New England when the leaves change, but because I have the sunniest, most fulfilling, relaxing vacations in Port A.  I read entire books, I sit by the ocean, I know what to order at Crazy Cajun…  Just thinking about Port Aransas calms me.  So this vintage tray sits on a prominent shelf in my living room so I can see it everyday.

The Aerial Shot
There is a story about this picture.  If you come to my house, I’ll tell it to you.  Suffice to say, it’s an incredible story that involves crime and theft, guns and swindling.  It’s a story that has inspired decades of hate and resentment in a historically passive West Texas family.  A conversation piece to top any conversation piece.

The Coffee Table
My father built this coffee table box for me out of barn wood before I left for Nashville to go to college.  Over the years, it’s moved around the country, and grown more beautiful with age.  Someday it will be an heirloom.

My favorite cookbook
My mother put this cookbook together when I was about 9.  It has all of my favorite recipes that I enjoyed growing up.  Copies are few and far between, so this is one of the things I would definitely grab in a flood or tornado.

The Wine Cock
My best friend since 6th grade is now an incredible light designer.  Several years ago, she was on a world tour with a dance company.  She brought me back this wine cork.  Apparently, in Portugal, the Rooster is very lucky (there’s a legend I’ve long forgotten)…It’s my favorite wine cock…err, cork.

I used to regularly visit this Fiddlehead flatware at the Pottery Barn in the Green Hills Mall in Nashville, TN and dream about actually owning it.  What fancy parties I would throw with it!  At some point, I made an agreement with myself that if I was ever married or rich, I would buy a whole set for 8.  Turns out, I didn’t have to be either married or rich.  On one particular visit, I noticed they were discontinuing this style (as they do many things I love), and had it discounted a billion percent.  So I bought a set for 8 on (sort of) a whim.  How fancy is that?

Mix Tapes
I have a friend who makes me mix tapes.  I treasure them and keep them in my car for whenever there’s nothing on the radio.  He has fantastic taste and puts together brilliant mixes.  I hope I never lose his friendship…or he his cd burning abilities. 🙂