• A “go anywhere” phone that can get regular (non-roaming) service in the middle of the ocean, top of the mountain, and random dead corners of the house.

• A Roomba vacuum (equipped with NASA technology) that can CLIMB STAIRS (like the rovers we have crawling over the big rocks of Mars).

• Dancing water sprinklers that would sync to your iPod (to create mini-Bellagio water features).  You could water you lawn and entertain your guests at the same time.

• Auto Autopilot – Program your destination’s address into the car’s navigational system, and spend drive-time napping or reading books instead of fighting traffic.

• Gutter fans that would blow out the leaves automatically.

• Translation Parrots – Parrots that translate.  Who wouldn’t want one of those??

YOUR TURN!  What would you invent?